Friday, March 30, 2007

Ron Paul is the only real choice in Election '08

I had since 2004 decided to ignore future elections, with the possible exception of the local congressional elections, even though I have voted in elections since 1984, always had been Republican during midterm congressional elections, and for the Constitution Party candidate in presidential elections since 2000. I voted for the Constitutional Party candidate, Michael Peroutka, and his vice presidential running mate, Chuck Baldwin, in the 2004 presidential election and, of course, they lost. No surprise there! Even so, "losing" or "winning" an election for its own sake isn't the real issue, voting on principle rather than mere pragmatism is the issue.

That said, when I heard that Dr. Ron Paul was really running as a Republican candidate for President, I decided that I'd not ignore Election '08 after all; my mind was instantly made up. He's the only candidate that differs in any appreciable manner from the standard drones paraded before the commoners every presidential election cycle by the always predictable media marionettes. The establishment's marionettes can always be counted on to showcase their drones.

Anyway, again, this ain't about whether this man is a "winnable" candidate or not, since anyone with a brain, who can read and write, who has a hand to pull the lever or write in the name "Ron Paul" on the ballot, can help make that happen. Folk simply have to ignore the media marionettes and find out about the candidates on their own and know where the respective candidates stand on all the critical issues, especially constitutional issues and decide to vote accordingly. It should be quite easy, as the entire field, other than Dr. Paul, are singing from the same sheet of music.