Monday, October 09, 2006

Road trippin' on the F650

I recently traveled down to Beulaville, N.C. area on my '99 BMW F650 motorcycle. I had someone following me and happened to take some shots along the way both to and fro along Rt. 11 and 13. So I figured why not put a few up on the blog.

I went down there to help my mother and aunt with finalizing the selling of a 5 acre plot to some Mennonites who bought it. They seem like swell folk and are similar to the Amish, in fact, but with the difference that they do indulge the modern conveniences to some extent, i.e. modern transportaion, unlike the Amish. Anyway, they plan to use my grandmother's old homestead as a school and I have no regrets selling the property to them.

I was born and raised in southeastern Virginia, all my aquaintances and friends are here, and my entire life, outside of the military, centers around this area. So, there's not much of a reason to hold onto my grandmother's old homestead and it not being used and slowly decaying. Not to mention the property tax one pays on property with a dwelling. My grandmother had this house built in 1959 on a different plot of her land left to her after my grandaddy passed on in 1956. The old house where my mother grew up was originally built about 1911 and has since been torn down in the late-1970s but the land is still in our possession. The only lot we sold was the lot with my grandmother's house and packhouse, which is largely open land and some surrounding farmland, but the forested land we still own. You never can know that if things get haywire up this way there's always some land down there to put a trailer up in the wooded area.

One should always try to have something, especially land, to fall back on if/when the cost of living becomes prohibitive and/or unemployment becomes a reality.

Anyway, this be me on my hardy steed at a couple of points during the trip:

The pics without the saddlebags were the return trip back to Virginia. I put them in the car to reduce weight a bit. All in all, though, I really like this bike, although it is probably the smallest I could stand for any distant trippin'; this one being 205 miles each way, BTW. However, I was dead tired afterwards as we went down there on the 4th and returned on the 5th.

I've already been to the mountains near the Shenandoah NP and Skyline Drive and Nags Head, both of which aren't so far actually from my abode, only 150 miles and 100 miles respectively. Still, that's some traveling on a 650 single-cylinder thumper ;).