Monday, November 06, 2006

Current home network config

I've had a home network of 3-5 machines set up since 1999, when the terms network and networking were still largely confined to the enterprise workplace, not at home. Nowadays, they're virtually ubiquitous.

I starting home networking in 1995 with a mere null-modem serial cable b/w two PCs running Windows 95 using NetBEUI and sometimes IPX/SPX, mainly for gaming. Everyone remembers NetBEUI, right? Yeah, it was unroutable and very mundane compared to TCP/IP, but it was more than adequate for two machines or even a cluster of machines in a workgroup.

Anyway, this is currently my basic home network layout. I'm coming to the wireless table late, but I'm in no hurry to switch everything over to wireless right now. Just client machines for the time being.