Monday, February 27, 2006

Brazil going nuclear

From the New American:

The parallels between Brazil’s nuclear ambitions and Iran’s are numerous and striking. One critical strategic difference is found in the fact that if Marxist-led Brazil became a full-fledged member of the nuclear weapon club, its alliance with Beijing, its developing space program, and its proximity to the U.S. would make it a far greater potential threat than Iran could ever be. Yet, as Knight Ridder points out, “Brazil’s program hasn’t drawn the outcry that Iran’s nuclear plants have.”

While the world is scratching its collective head about Iran's nuclear ambitions, Brazil is about to put a nuclear plant online at Resende that will produce enriched uranium. The country's leader, Luis Ignacio “Lula” de Silva, is a Marxist and is friendly with neighboring Marxists such as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and is also on mushy terms with the PRC.

It does make one wonder what makes Iran so dastardly to U.S. politicos about obtaining nukes as opposed to, say, Pakistan or India? I mean what is to prevent a future Pakistan president from chanting Allah Akbar! while he launches some missiles destined for either New Delhi or Tel Aviv? And in India, Hindus believe in reincarnation so I'm not so sure they can't become radicalized as well. What ever happened to mutually assured destruction or MAD?